‘Lessons for Life International’ is a leading software development company specializing in English language learning solutions. Our innovative software ‘Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’ is recognized internationally as the complete approach to fluent English. Developed by a team of expert English language academics and teachers from leading universities and linguistics schools, Lessons for Life - English follows the internationally accepted curricula for teaching English while still using a very natural learning method.


We are experts in English.

At Lessons for Life, we don’t produce language learning products for multiple languages. We are proud to be specialists in teaching English: delivering outstanding English language content, which we believe is far superior to what is on offer anywhere else. We believe in the mantra: ‘if you are a jack of all trades, you are a master of none’, which is why we are the best provider of interactive English language software.

Every language is a unique and beautiful thing, with its own intricacies and contradictions: expressions, grammar, syntax and word order vary greatly. This is why it is so important to have a system that was specifically designed for that language: when it comes to language learning, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Yes it may be slightly more profitable; to apply software across multiple languages, however, the quality of the course also suffers.

For us at Lessons for Life this is unacceptable, which is why we only focus on producing exceptional English language software. All our products are specifically designed to teach English, ensuring that we provide the best quality English courses in the world. The Complete Set has been designed in conjunction with experts from numerous fields, including: acclaimed English teachers, English language academics and linguistic experts. All of this means that you will see a vast improvement in your English, during your Lessons for Life course.


Lessons for Life has been at the forefront of interactive English language software, since it was established in the year 2000. Over the past 17 years we have helped individuals, schools, businesses, and government across the globe: delivering The Complete Set, a comprehensive course, for all your educational needs.

‘Lessons for Life’ has always been a trailblazer within the English language industry: producing state of the art, interactive software that makes a real difference to our students. Our original aim was to develop practical English language content that would help language learners, of all levels, to converse in English as quickly as possible. Our initial success allowed us to develop a wide range of courses, to help a range of different people: from business leaders to young children we are proud to say that we have really made a difference.

Gradually, we began to be approached by educational institutions that were interested in using our software in their schools. They felt that there was a lack of interactive language software to help them develop their student’s abilities. We were delighted to help and created bespoke courses that were aligned to their exact educational needs: aligning our content with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and its teaching guidelines.

We have now developed ‘Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’, our flagship product, which offers complete instruction for all CEFR levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, and a significant portion of C1 and C2. The ‘Complete Set’ is a world-renowned, standard-bearer within the English language industry: combining a strong theoretical framework with fluency to create the perfect English course. It has helped vast numbers of students develop their English skills, but our mission is nowhere near complete: we still have many more people to help.

We have set up close to 1,000 teaching labs for different schools and institutions around the world from junior to senior high school and in higher education institutions. We have helped hundreds of thousands of students learn English all around the world.

We have always strived to make our product better: meeting our customer’s needs whenever it was humanly possible. This led us to develop our unique Assessment Lab Manager: a cloud based system, which allows schools to set up their own management and administration system. We now offer this as an optional add-on for schools, though we highly recommend that they use it.

The Assessment Lab Manager offers assessment administrative tools and assessment software to test students extensively on each unit of Lessons for Life learning software. It offers two test streams to all schools: student practice tests and mastery tests for all units of Lessons for Life – English software. It also allows schools to monitor and track their student’s activities and results: crucial for checking their progress, ensuring that they achieve the highest results and providing a quantifiable measure of a student’s success.

At Lessons for Life we understand that it is impossible to reach perfection: all you can do is get as close as possible, by continually striving to achieve it. This is our philosophy at Lessons for Life and we will continue to innovate and develop: ensuring that we can connect more people via the English language.



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