In today's fast paced world of Business, Commerce and Technology, English language skills are essential. The ability to communicate with customers, employees, and suppliers in their native language is a distinct competitive advantage. Lessons For Life offers flexible and versatile content to meet the requirements of your executives and employees.

Lessons For Life - English is ideal for:

Executive Education and Relocation
Lessons For Life - ENGLISH is a self-paced program that fits easily into executives’ busy schedules. Learn what you want when you want.

Language Labs
Lessons For Life - ENGLISH makes an ideal software for use in your language labs. It is versatile and flexible.

For more information on language labs, please refer to EDUCATION (Language Lab) section of our website.

Sales-Force Training

Lessons For Life can condense the time it takes to master English language skills like speaking and listening.

ESL Programs
Because there is no translation, Lessons For Life moves users directly toward proficiency regardless of literacy in their native language.


Lessons for Life - English is a full immersion, multimedia language learning program that caters to all individual learning styles. Lessons For Life – English program is designed to help business people who do not have the time to participate in formal English courses or to be used in conjunction with teacher-based course as a supplement to formal lessons.

* Fun and Easy to Use
Learn English effectively while you have fun. User-friendly interface with simple, intuitive and clear navigation.

* Self-Paced
Learn comfortably and conveniently at your own-pace.

* Effective Learning
Innovative interactive and instructional design pioneered by Lessons For Life keeps you engaged at an optimum level to facilitate effective language learning.

* Highlights
•Fully comprehensive: covers all essential skills
•Content based on internationally accepted curricula
•Standard American English accents
•Individual learning styles are considered
•User-friendly interface with simple, intuitive, and clear navigation in English

•4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
•Interactive activities
•Audio clips with written text support
•Topic-based study
•Practical daily conversations
•Animated characters in real-life environments
•Ability to watch, listen, stop and play audio/conversations at any point
•Practice in pronunciation, formation and use of all main grammar points
•Grammar reference help
•Rules and hints pages explaining how grammar works
•Interactive Games to help you improve your memory, vocabulary and spelling skills

* Delivery format

Lessons For Life - Language Learning Suite
Download pdf BROCHURE from this link (4 Mb)