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Our History

The Start of Innovation
Year 2000

Disappointed by the lack of language-learning systems designed specifically for English, our founders pioneered an innovative and immersive software: Lessons For Life.

Expansion into
Education Markets

After developing a more comprehensive curriculum, Lessons For Life caught the attention of various educational institutions and schools across the globe.

Evolution of a
Comprehensive Solution

A few years in the field revealed an incredible opportunity to help more people join the global conversation. So, we expanded our content to meet CEFR teaching guidelines and our flagship product, The Complete Set, was born.

Establishment of
Teaching Labs

We created nearly 1000 teaching laboratories all around the globe to teach hundreds of thousands of students English.

Development of

Our experience in the teaching labs lead us to develop our unique Assessment Lab Manager for the school market.

At the
Cutting Edge

Every day, our team of devoted researchers work hard to bring you the most cutting-edge and exciting English language-learning tools.

Our mission is to help more people join the global conversation.

Lessons For Life focuses exclusively on helping students master the English language. Every language has its own unique intricacies, nuances, and ideal teaching techniques. By devoting 100% of our time, energy, and research into developing a specially tailored English language program, we provide our students with the most enriching and immersive experience on the market.