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Immerse students in a carefully structured environment

With the ideal structure and sequence, deduction and problem solving, and readiness to talk, scholars accelerate their progress in essential English language skills.

Through engaging activities and immersive conversations, they will learn:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Dictation
  • Grammar
  • Culture

Interactive Technology

In today’s high-tech world, students expect nothing but flawlessness from their learning systems. Allow students to learn at their own pace using the high-quality technology they crave.

As a Preparation Course

For students who are non-native English speakers, it can be intimidating to start classes at an English-speaking institution—especially at the college or university level.

Empower students to build a strong foundation for their learning with Lessons For Life. This program allows students to attain English proficiency quickly, ensuring will be fully equipped to get the most out of their learning when classes start.

As a self-study resource

Even once non-native English speakers have started classes, the challenge isn’t over. To excel in their coursework, it is essential that they maintain their newly acquired English language proficiency.

Lessons For Life keeps their vital English skills fresh: giving them a practical way to maintain their English skills throughout their course. Our software offers the perfect way for students to take charge of their learning potential.

As preparation for the modern workplace

Whether coursework is taught in English or another language, proficiency in the English language will undoubtedly give students a competitive advantage in the modern world of business.

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set walks them through all CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, and a significant portion of C1 and C2), allowing them to become advocates for their own professional success and preparing them to excel in the workforce.

As an aid for your staff

Higher education is quickly becoming borderless, with academics and faculty staff teaching and researching across the world. English skills are becoming more and more important in this new world of global education.

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set is the ideal way to: help your staff thrive in this new world; help them to settle into their new country; give them the confidence to give conferences in English; and allow them to communicate with the peers around the world.

Lessons For Life can transform the way your college or university teaches English.

To discover more about exactly how Lessons For Life can take your scholars’ learning to the next level, speak with one of our amazing representatives today.

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