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An Easy way to Learn English.

Lessons For Life specializes in practical and conversational English.

We use our innovative interactive software to teach all English language skills: reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation and listening comprehension, with an emphasis on speaking and listening.

Lessons For Life – English is perfect for personal, educational, or business use. Our products are aligned to international standards, such as TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS, and can be used by yourself, as part of a course of study or to supplement any level of English language study.

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English is the world’s most influential language.

We believe in a world where everyone can contribute to the conversation. Lessons for Life’s innovative approach to the English language gets you connected faster.

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Learn English naturally.

When children first learn a language, they watch, listen, and imitate. With Lessons for Life, you will experience the natural benefits of English immersion. Carefully designed activities backed by proven science will help you absorb new language quicker than ever. Instead of memorizing phrases, you will be able to apply English creatively to entirely new situations.

Why learn English?


countries with English as an
official language

2 billion+

English speakers globally
by 2020


of scientific papers and journals are in English

1 out of 4

people are English speakers worldwide


of the Internet is
in English


of English speakers are
non-native speakers


lingua franca of science,
diplomacy, and business

Learning Backed by Science

Over the course of their studies, students master reading, writing, listening, and speaking while absorbing vocabulary, grammar, and culture.


Immersion assists in moving new language to your long-term memory.


Meticulously designed lesson progression builds upon previous learning.


Engaging content keeps you focused longer and learning faster.