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Refer your friends and network.
Earn 15% commission and save 10% for your friends

Recommend Lessons For Life – ENGLISH to your friends, colleagues, network and start earning commissions on each successful sale you generate.

How it works
Registering only takes a minute. Simply fill out our online application and you’ll be notified after a quick approval process.
Once your application is approved, we will provide you with online access to an Affiliate Referral Dashboard. Share your unique referral link and discount coupon with your friends and network. Your unique discount coupon will save your friends 10% ($14 or more) on any purchase.
Get a cash reward of 15% ($22 or higher) for each successful sale that you refer. Track your success on your Dashboard. Continue to refer friends and see your earnings stack up!
Why join?
It’s Free
It’s free

It’s free to join. No start-up or maintenance fees, only revenue for you.

Best Payout In The Industry
Best payout in the industry

Split the 25% commission between yourself and your friend. You earn 15% commission (US$22 or higher) by your referral, your friend saves 10% off (US$14 or higher) any purchase.

Reliable Tracking
Reliable tracking

Track your links and coupons on your Affiliate Referral Dashboard. 90-day tracking cookie on your links.

Lifetime Commission
Lifetime commission

You will receive lifetime commission on your successful referrals.

Unlimited Earnings
Unlimited earnings

There is no cap on the commissions that you can earn, you’ve got unlimited earnings potential.

Incentive Schemes
Incentive schemes

Exclusive incentive schemes for top performers.

Vanity Coupons
Vanity coupons

Request a custom name for your assigned coupon, right from within the Affiliate Referral Dashboard.  Vanity coupon code can resemble your name, business name, or anything of your choosing!

Promotional Resources
Promotional resources

Get access to special images and banners through your dashboard that you can use.

Support Team
Support team

We are available year-round to answer your questions and to help you setup your online affiliate dashboard.

Referral FAQ

Currently the program is available globally. You can join the program for free from any country or region.

Once your application is approved, we will provide you with online access to an Affiliate Referral Dashboard where you will find your unique referral link and discount coupon.

You can earn unlimited income by referring your friends and network. The more customers you refer, the more you will earn. Each successful purchase your friends make, you will earn 15% commission (US$22 or higher) for a lifetime. Each time your friend renews their license, you will continue to get 15% commission.

Typical sale involves 1 year license for The Complete Set or Customized English solutions for $149. If your referral is successful, you will receive 15% commission (US$22.35) . When your friends use your discount coupon at the checkout, they will save 10% off (US$14.9) .
Product price US$ Your Referral commission rate 15% Your friends save 10% off
The Complete Set / Customized products - (1-year license) $149 $22.35 $14.90

When you send your referral link to your friends, also include your unique discount coupon with it. When your friends enter the discount coupon code at checkout, our system will match the coupon code to your account, creating a referral.

Send your friends your referral link directly by email or share your link on social media. No spamming is allowed.

No, commissions are only available on sales referred by your account. You cannot refer yourself.

No, you do not need a website nor a social media channel to become a referral partner. They are required for affiliate partners.

Yes - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and all the other platforms are full of potential users. You only need to reach them out. Highlight the amazing deals we’re giving out and don’t forget to use hashtags for extra exposure.

Yes, you can. Email marketing is a great strategy to address people who are not always available. Be sure to get creative on the subject and preheaders. With the right words, you can communicate the deal better and score more conversions.

There are two main differences:
1) Audience type
In a referral program, you share your referral link and discount coupon with family, friends, network, and social contacts. You generally know the people you refer to. You don’t need a website nor social media channel. You can send your referral link and coupon by email, message, social contact channels etc

An affiliate partner is a third-party content creator who promotes and shares our business on their channels and receive commissions on new sales. Affiliate partners have audiences to match our customer market. Affiliate partners doesn't generally know their audience personally. Affiliate marketers have websites, social media channels, video channels, blogs etc.

2) Commission
Referral program splits the 25% commission between yourself and your friends. You keep 15% commission and give friends 10% off.

The Affiliate partner keeps the 25% commission themselves. Affiliate program does not have discount coupon attach to it. For top affiliate partners, we have additional incentive schemes and discount coupons to rewards them. Affiliate partners can also request to share their commission with their friends if they request it from their affiliate manager.

Yes, you can join our referral program and affiliate program at the same time. You need to use a different username and an email when you sign up for each program.

For more information, see all FAQ’s, terms or contact us.